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G. Luigi Rossi


Born in North Italy in 1964, G. Luigi Rossi is a distinguished artist whose upbringing in both Italy and Germany has significantly shaped his artistic journey. The fusion of Italian and German influences in his family background has contributed to the richness and diversity evident in his artistic expressions. Rossi's childhood was marked by a unique duality of experiences. Spending summers close to the sea and winters in the forests, he developed a profound connection with nature that would later become a central theme in his artistic endeavors. The beauty of the Black Forest and the time spent at sea in a small village near Genoa, left an indelible mark on Rossi, inspiring him to explore the colors of nature and capture the aura of landscapes in his art.


In his early childhood, the moon landing, the era of technological and digital growth, and the historic fall of the Berlin Wall left a lasting impression on him. These events sparked his curiosity about the world and its transformative potential. An integral figure in Rossi's upbringing was his German grandmother, whose kind discipline played a pivotal role in shaping his character and artistic vision. Her influence instilled in Rossi a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and beauty through persistence and dedication.


Navigating through various challenges, Rossi's unique upbringing allowed him to build a perspective as an outsider. While this sometimes posed challenges in being understood, it provided him with the invaluable ability to consider different viewpoints and immerse himself in diverse lifestyles. Living and studying in Freiburg i.Br. (Germany) and Boulder, Colorado (U.S.), Rossi's exposure to different cultures further enriched his artistic vision. Throughout his artistic journey, Rossi's commitment to exploring the human experience and its intricacies is evident. Settling in Malta later in life, he dedicated his work to bringing his vision to life, creating art that resonates with the issues of humanity and seeks tranquility in a chaotic world. Inspired by literary giants such as Isaac Asimov, Rossi delves into futuristic themes, gaining inspiration from artists who foresaw the evolving complexities of the human condition.

G Luigi Rossi’s paintings aremostly about the sense ofself and the world.Rich in symbolism, hispaintings convey adynamic art which ishighly reflected inhis creative processand then in thefinal work.


Academic, curator, art historian
and practicing artist

Luigi is one of those people you can’t help but admire. When I first saw his work ‘Round Midnight’ I immediately said: I want an exhibition of this guy in our museum. At first it was an exhibition of one work, and then it was Chromesthesia. I liked that he speaks very simply and clearly about things that are sometimes difficult to say about art in general and some aspects of it in particular.


We had meetings with locals during which Luigi spoke about himself, about his work and also held a workshop for young artists. I am glad that our city impressed him so much that he dedicated a part of his collection to it.


I think that our plans for future exhibitions will also come true, because Luigi has given impetus to new thinking, rethinking contemporary art and the role of an artist in it.


Director, Galagan Art Museum

Chernihiv, Ukraine

G. Luigi Rossi
G. Luigi Rossi

With Luigi, we enter a particular atmosphere of visual perception where the vibration of colours, in continuous movement between rarefaction and backgrounds, shades and lightning, he manages to make us explore an enchanting structure overall.


In a world where everything seems already explored, known and lived, the chromestaesia in his art knows how to convey the emotion of the enigma, which is our most unknowable and compelling reality. 


To return to the wonder of living the artistic dimension and discover new visual knowledge of the most intimate human essence, the search for our most essential nature


Firenze, Italy




May 2023

Sagrestia Vaults

Valletta Waterfront


Bending the Multiverse


June 2022

The Art Gallery

Abraham's Art and Events Suite


Time Capsule


November 2019

Palazzo Pappalardo




February—March 2016

Renoir Gallery, St Julian's


Human[Kind] - The Art of G. Luigi Rossi

St James Cavalier, Valletta

15 December 2023
– 11 February 2024

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