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Bending the Multiverse

The Art Gallery Abraham's Art and Events Suite on Imgarr Road, Xewkija, enriches the exhibitions of visual art by presenting both productions by local artists and those by foreign artists. Currently the gallery is offering its spaces to G Luigi Rossi German artist resining in Malta where he has a very active studio. The works presented by G. Rossi are large format artworks, works with attractive and very curious aesthetics, expressed in a contemporary idiom. G Luigi Rossi was born in Italy in 1964. He studied in Germany and in the United States. He is professional artist who had his 1st personal exhibition in Malta in 2016. He also exhibited in foreign countries including Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria, France and America.

Bending the Multiverse

​The aesthetic presented by the paintings of G Luigi Rossi in the current exhibition seems simple, made up of geometrical forms and other irregular forms, laid on smooth, clean colours full of light and life. The meeting of masses of harmonious colours with spaces of neutral tones which pleases the eye. At times cut in hard edge, other times lined in black as if creating frameworks. Curious appearances which seems to be born out of spontaneity from a mind provided with fertile and genuine imagination as of childhood.

However this appearance of forms and simple lines could be hiding a more complex depth. The title of the exhibition - Bending the Multiverse indicates that the artist may have very pertinent philosophical, scientific or mathematical preoccupations and questions. The word Multiverse lifts up our thoughts towards the universe, reminding us that we live in a galaxy, one of the billion of stars that we think we have knowledge about but we may know very little. We seem to be conscious about the current realities, but how much do we know about how life will be in the future? An artistic mind may be an infinite one, where imagination is above all. In fact the artist G. Luigi Rossi said that with this limited choice of 6 compositions, as if he re-enters to reconsider and form his perceptions on literature works from where he found inspiration. Masterpieces by well known science-fiction American authors Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, and with them the composer and producer of films JJ Abrams. Perhaps this also explains the large format canvases and panels of this exhibition. Artist Rossi seems to change them in cinematographic scripts on which he projects his perceptions, and with them the sensations and moods were instilled in him by literature masterworks, and by visual works with the music which accompanies them.

Therefore I think that more than abstract paintings, these compositions can be considered as abstractions; a visual statement of these ideas, sensations and trends that experienced the artist. Always transferred in his artistic language, in an idiom that can be metaphoric, and can also include symbolic elements, as can be indicated by certain figurative element, also by certain material that where placed on one of the panels, such as the thin parallel vertical threads and the metal piece with a symbol within. The artist seems to be exploiting the forms, the rhythmic effects, certain strokes and above all the Expressive force of colour. With these he creates these compositions, most of which have an effective attraction. Whether these are enigmatic works or not is another thing, after all, art comes in front of us so that we let it work on us. How we relate with it depends from each one of us.


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